Young Drivers Car Insurance

Car insurance for most drivers under the age of 25 can be daunting. Several car insurance providers offer rates especially for young drivers in order to help lower the cost of being insured. Young drivers insurance features similar benefits to other policies, such as third party cover and breakdown cover. Many specialised car insurance providers customise their policies for young and novice drivers. Tailored car insurance for young drivers may offer the best coverage for young drivers. There are also a number of ways young drivers can receive lower premiums when applying for car insurance.

About Young Drivers Insurance

Since drivers under the age of 25 are generally considered a high risk group, car insurance rates are often higher for younger drivers. Rates are higher since insurers have determined that younger, inexperienced drivers are more likely to make expensive claims when compared with older, more experienced drivers. Young drivers insurance is designed especially for new drivers who are at least 17 years of age. Insurers make concessions and assume some risk in order to offer customised insurance coverage for younger drivers at lower rates. Rates are typically offered to drivers up to the ages of 21 to 24, depending on the car insurance provider. As young drivers gain more experience, car insurance premiums tend to reduce every year that the driver is insured. This is especially true if the young driver makes no claims on their insurance.

What's Included

Just like any car insurance policy, young drivers' insurance policies vary depending on the level of coverage. Basic third party cover will only cover costs of damage to another vehicle or property, as well as injuries to any other individual. It will not cover any damages to the young driver. Third party, theft and fire policies provide the same level of coverage as third party policies. They also include coverage for any damages or loss to the young driver's vehicle in the event of a fire or theft. Finally, comprehensive policies offer coverage for third parties as well as the insured young driver and their vehicle.

Additional benefits included with young drivers insurance varies between providers. Certain policies may include a range of extras, such as free breakdown cover with 24-hour roadside assistance. Other insurers may include benefits such as loss of keys cover or coverage specifically for a car's audio system. Optional covers could also include coverage for legal costs related to recovering uninsured losses.

The Cost of Young Drivers Insurance

As with most novice drivers, car insurance for young drivers is generally more expensive than coverage for experienced or older drivers who have been insured over several years. Premiums can also be reduced depending on the type of insurance that is purchased. The most inexpensive coverage is the standard third party cover or the third party, fire and theft option. Comprehensive car insurance coverage is typically the most expensive type of policy for young drivers, although it is recommended when driving a high-value vehicle since the cost of making a claim can be significant.

How to Reduce Young Drivers Insurance Premiums

Many insurers offer young drivers coverage at discounted rates for individuals who have completed a recognised driver education programme. Completing the Pass Plus scheme after passing the driving test will help young drivers receive reduced rates. A driver education programme is an invaluable way for a driver to learn skills and gain experience that will make them safer when driving in the city and on motorways, as well as in adverse driving and weather conditions. As a result, these drivers are at less risk of being in an accident and making a claim.

Adding a parent or a sibling with more driving experience, especially an older sibling, can also reduce premiums. Young drivers insurance is generally lower if an experienced driver is named on the policy. When a young person is named as the first or primary driver on a policy shared with a parent or older sibling, they will still benefit from lower premiums when they apply for their first 'solo' insurance policy. This is not the case if the primary driver is the older sibling or parent of the young driver. Insurance policies can also be invalidated if it is determined that the first named driver is a parent despite the young driver being the primary driver of the vehicle.

Another factor that influences the cost of young drivers insurance is the type of the vehicle. When it comes to insure cars with large engines and vehicles with modifications, premiums are typically higher than when insuring vehicles with smaller engines or older cars. Choosing a less expensive vehicle as a young driver's first car can help save on car insurance costs. Buying a car with security systems, such as immobilisers and car alarms, can also result in discounts from insurers.

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