Women Only Car Insurance Cover

Traditionally, women drivers have benefited from lower car insurance premiums then men. In recent years, women only car insurance policies have been created for and marketed to female drivers. Certain insurers offer specialised car insurance just for women with a range of customised benefits that are attractive to women drivers. This can be attributed in part to recent legal develops that prevent insurers from basing car insurance premiums on gender.

About Women Only Car Insurance

Traditionally, car insurance companies provided discounts for women drivers simply based on their gender. This is because women are seen as 'lower risk' drivers since male drivers account for the vast majority of motor vehicle accidents and insurance claims in the UK. Since 2011, car insurance companies have not been permitted to use gender as a risk factor when determining car insurance premiums. On 1 March 2011, the European Court of Justice ruled that this practice breached European Union equality laws and amounted to discrimination against men. Partly in response to the ruling, car insurance providers have developed women only insurance marketed to female drivers while offering lower premiums. In addition to women only car insurance policies being offered by mainstream insurance providers, several specialised insurance providers have also been launched offering polices just for female drivers.

What's Included

Like standard insurance policies, there are three broad categories of women only car insurance policies. The first is third party cover, which is a basic option mandated by law. Third party car insurance covers any damage or loss to another vehicle or to property. It also provides coverage for any injuries to another individual. Third party cover does not cover damages to the named driver or her vehicle. A second type of coverage is third party, theft and fire cover. This type of policy provides the same level of coverage as third party car insurance, in addition to covering any damage or loss to the named driver's vehicle when there is a fire or theft. The third type of policy is comprehensive coverage. This type of car insurance offers the highest level of coverage, including cover for any loss or damage to the named driver and her vehicle.

Women only car insurance features a range of benefits tailored for female drivers. The most common is superior personal effects cover. Many insurers market their women only insurance options by highlighting their policies' handbag cover, which usually covers the named driver's bag and its contents. Other common benefits include child car seat cover, which also protects children's accessories and buggies. Other benefits can range from legal costs cover, 24-hour breakdown cover and a courtesy car in the event that the named driver's vehicle is undergoing repairs. Women only car insurance generally allows individuals to add a partner to the policy, typically if they are over the age of 25. As with any other insurance policy, individuals also have the option to add additional excess options and higher coverage for personal injury and other types of covers. Vehicles with security systems may also receive a discount, while vehicles with modifications can be more expensive to ensure.


As with any type of car insurance policy, the cost of women only car insurance is influenced by a number of factors. Although premiums cannot be calculated based on gender, insurance providers still consider age, marital status, driving experience, past claims, and other information about the driver and her vehicle when calculating premiums. The type of insurance policy itself also plays a significant role in determining price. Third party only cover is generally the least expensive option, while comprehensive cover is typically the most expensive.

Other factors influencing premiums include the type of vehicle. Newer and higher value vehicles are typically more expensive to insure, as are vehicles with larger engines. Premiums tend to be lower for older, less expensive vehicles and cars with smaller engines. Another factor that influences car insurance premiums is how the vehicle is used. The more a vehicle is driven, the higher the car insurance premium will be for drivers. Similarly, car insurance can be more expensive if the vehicle is used for commercial purposes. Discounts may also be provided if the driver has completed a driver education programme. Premiums are also generally lower if the vehicle will be stored in a secure garage rather than parked on the street. Finally, a great way to keep premiums low is by driving safely and avoiding claims. Each year, eligible drivers may benefit from a no claims discount when renewing their policies.

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