Third Party, Fire and Theft Cover

Drivers are required by law to obtain third party insurance to cover their motor vehicle. This basic level of coverage protects drivers from any claims for damage or loss as a result of an accident where they were at fault. Third party car insurance covers injuries to another person in these instances. It also covers damage to and loss of another vehicle and property. Third party only insurance coverage does not protect drivers from damages related to fire or theft involving their own vehicle. For added protection and peace of mind, third party, fire and theft coverage allows drivers to make claims for damages or losses in the event of theft or fire.

What's Included

Third party, fire and theft insurance covers drivers when a third party makes a claim against them for any injury following an incident. This type of insurance policy also provides coverage for claims made by third parties for damage caused to another vehicle or property. Other occurrences that are not included in basic third party only policies are also covered. Third party, fire and theft insurance allows policyholders to make claims in the event that their vehicle is stolen. Any damage to a policyholder's vehicles resulting from an attempted theft is also covered. This type of car insurance also covers drivers when their insured vehicle has been damaged by fire.

The level of coverage for third party, fire and theft policies vary depending on the individual insurer. Certain insurance companies may offer additional coverage or options. For example, drivers may have the option to increase their claim or coverage limit, for example from £500,000 to £2 million. Optional extras may also include the use of a courtesy car or a guaranteed car hire when the insured vehicle is unavailable following an accident. Certain car insurance companies may also allow policyholders to opt in for breakdown coverage or cover incidents involving an unnamed driver when the policyholder gives them permission to use the insured vehicle.

What's Not Included

Third party, fire and theft insurance does not cover damages or loss to a policyholder's vehicle when they are at fault. Similarly, this type of insurance does not allow a policyholder to make a claim for injuries suffered as a result of an at-fault accident. As with most car insurance policies, third party, fire and theft cover does not allow drivers to make claims for damages caused by regular wear and tear. It also does not cover regular maintenance costs. This type of car insurance cover also does not protect from environmental occurrences, such as floods or wind damage.


Premiums are based on a variety of factors, including the type of vehicle, driving and claims history, and the driver's residence. Although premiums for third party, fire and theft cover may be lower than fully comprehensive car insurance policies, this may not always be the case depending on the insurer. Third party, fire and theft cover may be appropriate for and attractive to budget-conscious drivers and drivers with inexpensive cars. At the same time, it is important for individual drivers to select a car insurance cover option that offers the best and most appropriate coverage.

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